Our Space

We offer a space not just for wedding events and not limited to corporate meeting space, but versatile for social events as well. We’re in the business of bringing people together and want to be able to do so for groups larger than we can in the boundaries of a restaurant.

The 7500 square foot space located in Plainfield, IN offers Indianapolis a place to book a social, wedding, or corporate event with the standard of service expected from our restaurants. With seating available for up to 300 guests and standing room for up to 800, the Event Center facilitates collaborative and celebratory events. Our commitment to service ensures that we will be the venue of choice for delighting your guests.

Book your big day with us and confidently create a memorable experience for your guests.

  • Up to 800 standing capacity
  • Up to 300 seated capacity
  • 7500 square feet of space
  • Dance Floor
  • Speaker System
  • Microphones
  • Buffet & Plated Dining Options
  • Setup for Beverages